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Searching for Climate Triggers

Undergraduate research assistant Cole Webster (photo above, left) and Assistant Professor Bryon Steinman examine lake sediment cores to learn more about lake water isotope geochemistry.

Did climate change cause events such as the increase
in Atlantic hurricane activity in recent decades? Byron Steinman, assistant professor of Geological Sciences with Large Lakes Observatory and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, is looking to answer the question. He and his colleagues analyzed computer models that simulated the earth’s natural variations in temperature over time. “Based on our research, it appears as though changes such as these are being strongly influenced by external forces and, in particular, the increase in greenhouse gases from fossil fuel burning,” Steinman said. Their findings were published in the Feb. 27 issue of Science Magazine.

Excellence Honored

image055Professor Priscilla A. Day earned bother her MSW ’91 and her EdD ’99 from UMD.





Dr. Priscilla A. Day, professor and head of the Department of Social Work, was honored with the 2015 Child Welfare Leadership Award from the University of Minnesota Center for Advanced Studies in Child Welfare in recognition of her significant career achievements. Day serves as the principal investigator and director for the Center for Regional and Tribal Child Welfare Studies. She has taught at UMD since 1993 and was co- developer and instructor of the Learning Circle course, which helps Master of Social Work students put cultural competence concepts into practice.

Exploring the Rhythms of Life


Just weeks after the U.S. eased travel restrictions, 14 Bulldog musicians, along with Professor Rudy Perrault and Assistant Professor Betsy Husby, traveled to Cuba. Performing at various venues during their two-week adventure, students experienced music’s profound ability to act as a common language. “We met up with a couple of violinists. They only spoke so much English, and I only spoke so much Spanish, but we played the same instrument, so we saw eye to eye,” recalled Kenneth Schuster ’15.

Research Challenge Champions

image063Students in the Financial Markets program the Bulldog Fund, LLC, which has over $1 million in assets

Five students from the Financial Markets program at the Labovitz School of Business and Economics earned first place in the local final of the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute’s annual Research Challenge in Minneapolis, competing against 10 teams from three states. “The purpose of the Research Challenge is to help develop best practices for future investment professionals,” said Joe Artim, director of the program and the team’s faculty mentor. “This year’s team did an excellent job with the project and excelled in delivering their results at the presentation event.”